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Grand Prize: 12 Month Supply of Alpha Omega 3 – $360 Value

Alpha Omega 3: Omega 3 EPA & DHA in the Form Your Body Loves

Alpha Omega 3 is EPA & DHA in their perfect and fundamental Free Fatty Acid form. It is instantly absorbed by the body and has a 95% absorption rate. Its dissolvable form eliminates all of the stomach discomfort associated with Fish Oil. Supports heart, brain, eye and joint health plus potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

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You will earn points each time you share the sweepstakes or you get someone to sign up using your referral link. Points earned unlock free and instant prizes – as soon as the point levels are reach the prizes are unlocked. Each point received counts as 1 additional grand prize entry.

$5 Be Whole Gift Card = 5 Points

Earn $5 points and instantly receive a $5 gift card for

Eye Pro MD (1 Bottle) + Free Shipping = 15 Points

Receive a free bottle of Eye Pro MD plus free shipping by earning 15 points. This is over a $30 value. Learn More

Mega Cardio (1 Bottle) + Free Shipping = 30 Points

Receive a free bottle of Mega Cardio plus free shipping by earning 15 points. This is over a $30 value. Learn More

How Do You Earn Points to Unlock Instants Prizes and Increase Your Chance of Winning?

Points = more entries and more prizes. Each time you share the contest you will receive 1 point – which is equal to 1 additional entry. You will also receive 1 point for every friend you get to sign up.

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You can earn your first points by simply sharing the sweepstakes on social media using our social media share buttons. Each platform you share on earns you 1 point.

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After you sign up you will be given your own special URL – when you share on social media or email friends will receive this URL. Anyone that signs up for the sweepstakes with this URL will earn you 1 point.

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Eye Pro MD: Supports & Maintains Healthy Eyes & Vision – Doctor Formulated

Eye Pro MD is a doctor formulated botanical supplement that provides the eyes a potent array of essential nutrients for maintaining optimal eye health and vision. The formulation aids in preventing vision loss, protects against light & oxygen induced damage & increases macular pigment density.

Mega Cardio: Improve Cardiovascular Health & Reduces Chronic Low Level Inflammation*

Mega Cardio supports healthy cholesterol & blood lipid profiles; which includes raising HDL (good cholesterol), reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowering triglycerides. * The formulation combines Caviar Oil, Turmeric Curcumin, Astaxanthin, Perilla Seed Oil, Vitamin D3 & Phospholipids.

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