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Saw Palmetto Extract

Pharmaceutical grade formulation with pumpkin seed oil. Up to 10× more potent than powder form. 100% vegetarian, potent DHT blocker.

  • Saw Palmetto Extract is Clinically Shown to Contain More Active Nutrients than Saw Palmetto Powder Commonly Found in the Market
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil Contains Essential Fatty Acids, Sterols, and Phytonutrients that Interrupt the DHT Conversion Process
  • Saw Palmetto Extract Has Been Shown to be as Effective at Alleviating BPH Symptoms as Commonly Prescribed 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors

Eye Pro MD


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Eye Pro MD® provides your eyes with a proven array of antioxidant carotenoids including; Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, and Lutein. Studies have shown all 3 cross the blood-brain barrier which support and optimize eye health. These carotenoids are shown to reduce oxidative stress to the eyes, improve macular pigment density, protect the retina against light-induced damage, and support overall vision function.*

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Saw Palmetto Extract w/ Pumpkin Seed Oil: Nature’s Most Potent DHT Blockers in One Combination

What is it?
Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a fan-shaped small palm native to the Southeastern United States. The palms produce berries that have been administered for treating issues surrounding BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) in aging men. Pumpkin seed oil, derived from our favorite fall icon, is integrated into the formulation for added health benefits. Both of these ingredients are thoughtfully-farmed in sustainable practices and are utilized for their known ability to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), believed to be a root-cause of several health issues affecting aging men.

Health Benefits

Go with the Flow

Saw palmetto extract has been clinically proven to alleviate urinary issues related to BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) by inhibiting DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) conversion. An enlarged prostate pushes against the urethra and can cause weak urinary flow, frequent nighttime urination, dribbling, and feeling of incomplete bladder-emptying. Pumpkin seed oil can also assist with these problems by modulating hormones in the body, as well as also blocking DHT conversion.

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Increased levels of DHT cause sensitive hair follicles to weaken and shrink. As the dermal papilla receptors become blocked, healthy nutrients are no longer delivered to hair. Overtime hair production may completely stop, resulting in the onset of male-pattern baldness (hair loss). The best treatments for hair loss are those that block DHT from plugging receptors. Saw palmetto extract and Pumpkin seed oil have both been shown to do so, making them viable alternatives for slowing, and perhaps reversing, the process.

Play Defense

Saw palmetto extract and Pumpkin seed oil are both two of nature’s most potent DHT blockers, protecting free-flowing testosterone from converting to the super-charged hormone responsible for health issues facing many aging men. High DHT levels are believed to be the primary cause of BPH, as it stimulates the cellular growth in the prostate which leads to enlargement. By blocking DHT conversion you are playing defense, modulating hormones safely and naturally.

Keep it Going

Keeping free-flowing testosterone in the body is responsible for many aspects of men’s health including building and maintaining muscle mass, keeping bones strong, and performing sexual functions. As DHT conversion accelerates overtime certain functions are affected because of the imbalance created, resulting in the issues men often associate with age. Because Saw palmetto extract and Pumpkin seed oil have both been shown to inhibit the DHT conversion process, these functions are further protected.

Quality Standards

The Worlds Purest & Most Trusted Source of Spirulina

Backed by 4 of the World’s Most Rigid Organic Certification

Isn’t it nice to know you have finally found the best Spirulina in the world?! Well you have!

Our Organic Spirulina is the purest and most nutrient dense Spirulina available. With 4 organic certifications including USDA, Ecocert, NaturLand and EU Organic certification you will have assurance of knowing our Spirulina has been tested and certified by every major organic certification

Only Truly 100% Vegan Farming Process – Naturland Certified

The World’s Most Rigid Organic Certification

The German Naturland organic certification is the most stringent certification in the world. It requires a 100% vegan and sustainable farming process. This means only plant-based ingredients and fertilizers can be used throughout the entire farming process. No other source of Spirulina has eliminated the use of animal or chemical based fertilizers during farming.

Our source of blue-green algae is grown in the remote countryside of South India away from all industrial, agricultural, and human settlements that are responsible for contaminating and polluting crops. The farm is spread over 130 acres with a clean source of groundwater and the conducive environment of 86°F to 102°F (30°C to 39°C) temperatures, low rainfall, low humidity, and abundant sunlight throughout the year that provides a thriving atmosphere for optimal growth.

Free of Harmful Environmental Contaminates

When consuming Spirulina you absolutely need to be concerned about potentially dangerous levels of environmental contaminates. Spirulina, by nature, binds to and holds contaminates that are present within its environment such as heavy metals.

Lowest Tested PAH Levels in World

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (or PAHs) are environmental contaminates caused by various forms of industry and pollution, that are known to cause cancer and negatively affect the eyes, kidneys, and liver.
Our 3rd party PAH testing shows that we our Spirulina is far below NaturLands stringent standards of PAH levels. NaturLand in fact has the most stringent standards in the world. Our Spirulina was also tested against all other major brands for PAH levels. The data from the results can be seen below.

Supplement Facts

How to Use:

Tablets: As a dietary supplement, take four (4) tablets daily with or without food.

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