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Our Quality Commitment:

Our Standardized Approach to Product
Quality & Purity

Be Whole is committed to providing our customers the most effective nature-based health supplements that are derived and formulated following the most rigid quality standards. Leveraging objective third-party assessments and testing protocols, we ensure every ingredient and method which goes into the formulation of our products is of the highest purity and quality standards.

Purity & Quality Checks

The standardized screening and testing process each ingredient must go through before being used in any of our products

Patented CO2 Extraction Method: Delivers the Purest & Most Concentrated Botanical Ingredients

A majority of the botanical extracts found within our formulation are extracted leveraging our cutting edge Super Critical CO2 extraction method. Leveraging ultrahigh pressure carbon dioxide we are able to isolate and extract a much higher concentration of micronutrients thus making the extracts far more effective. This method eliminates the use of chemical solvents and high temperatures by instead leveraging pressure as the primary mechanism for extraction. This extract method is shown to:

Delivers Higher Concentration of Essential Compounds: Enables us to isolate key components and deliver them in much higher concentrations.
High Nutrient Profile: Due to the increased concentration of essential compounds, our botanical extracts are shown to have a much higher nutrient profile.
Optimal Safety & Purity: This method removes compounds which are not optimal for human health; as well as eliminates the use of dangerous chemical solvents, thus eliminating chemical solvent residue.
Delivers Fresh & Stable Ingredients: The CO2 method delivers fresh ingredients that are chemically stable. The method is conducted in the absence of oxygen in high temperatures, which prevents the degradation of micronutrients.

O2B Peroxidation Blocker: Stabilized Ingredients without Preservatives

We ensure our ingredients are fully stabilized to maximize their effectiveness and freshness over time. By leveraging the O2B Peroxidation Blocker, we are able to prevent naturally occurring degradation without the use of preservatives.

The O2B Peroxidation Blocker is a synergistic, proprietary formulation of powerful natural compounds including astaxanthin, phenolic antioxidants, and natural tocopherols. Rather than leveraging preservatives we use naturally occurring plant compounds and antioxidants.

Optimal Delivery Systems for Maximum Effectiveness

In many cases, the effectiveness of botanical health supplements are tied to the manner in which it is introduced or delivered into the human body. Be Whole leverages cutting edge delivery methods to enhance the effectiveness of natural ingredients, ranging from the use of nanotechnology and capsule-in-capsule technology to a synergistic combination of ingredients. We ensure each formulation uses a delivery method maximizing the overall effectiveness of the product.

Scientifically Validated Dosage Sizes

As many of us know; too much of a good thing can end up being bad, and the same runs true for nutrient supplementation. Countless studies reveal that overconsumption of key nutrients can, in fact, be detrimental to health. For example, too much calcium consumption can lead to various heart conditions and even stroke.

By following the latest clinical and medical research, we ensure each nutrient within our products are delivered in the optimal dosage and fully balanced with any co-factors in the formulation.

cGMPs provide consumers objective quality standards which can be used to assess the quality of nutritional supplements, however cGMPs are little more than a set of bare minimum standards companies must adhere to, to receive the cGMP seal.

At Be Whole we believe the highest standard of quality, purity and effectiveness is the only standard. This is why we follow a strict proprietary method that not only meets the cGMP’s standards for purity and quality but exceeds these standards. thus guarantees consumers 100% assurance, they are consuming the purest and most effective botanical supplements.

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