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The leading thinkers of our time have shown us that the human body, as well as the universe we live in, contains a multitude of interconnected and interdependent systems. We have learned that no system or problem exists in isolation and is instead, connected and influenced by a multitude of variables with nonlinear relationships.

When health conditions arise, the root of the problem does not necessarily stem from 1 single variable but instead originates from a multitude of systems that are out of sync. To solve the condition, we must take a multi-faceted approach that targets all the key systems and elements that contribute to the problem.

Be Whole’s Integral formulation line of products take all of the guesswork out of solving & restoring specific areas of health. Following the most cutting edge research and backed by clinical studies; we have developed formulations targeting all variables and components that surround specific health issues to provide a complete and integral solution to your health needs. All of our products are complete solutions that deliver essential botanical ingredients in their ideal dosage and alongside their essential co-factors. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure maximum purity, and each formulation is rigorously tested to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Our line of products work to restore wholeness to the human body by providing all the essential components needed to treat the system as a whole. The team of doctors behind our formulations work to understand all elements that contribute to specific conditions and leverage cutting edge alternative health research to provide integral and whole solutions to these conditions.

The Integral Formulation Approach

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