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Go Easy – A Safe and Natural Approach to Regularity

Dr. Rudi examines how nanotechnology is leveraged in the Go Easy formulation to promote safe and natural regularity in those that suffer from constipation.

Learn how food travels through the intestinal tract and how the Go Easy approach utilizes plant-based ingredients in the form of “ball-bearings” to move waste through the body without the inconvenience or discomfort of laxatives.

Everyday Regularity Support

Double Daily Bowel Movements, Prevent Constipation & Lower Cholesterol

Go Easy supports regularity by providing mild lubrication for the intestinal tract for healthy elimination while preventing blockage and further buildup that can cause constipation.  Go Easy uses micro wax spheres that have the same effect of many raw greens, but at a much lower dosage.  In a clinical trial, Go Easy was shown to double the number of daily bowel movements of most participants.  The clinical trial also demonstrated Go Easy’s ability to lower cholesterol by almost 15% through preventing cholesterol re-uptake, an effect of poor regularity and constipation.

Same Effect as Eating Tons of Greens—Only Better

It is widely known that eating green vegetables promotes healthy and regular bowel movement.  The waxes on the surface of unprocessed greens act as mild lubricants that move the stool through the system and prevent blockage and further buildup.  Go Easy leverages this same natural mechanism, but takes it one step further—the plant-based wax policosanols within Go Easy are formulated into micro-dispersed wax ball spheres that act as “ball-bearings”.  These “ball-bearings” travel along the entire intestinal tract to ensure optimal elimination.  Go Easy takes the same plant-based waxes found in greens to create our unique “ball-bearings” that are as efficient as the greens themselves.  Keep in mind that Go Easy is not intended to replace your suggested serving of raw and leafy green vegetables.

Not a Stimulant or Laxative—Moves Waste Through the Body Naturally and Safely

Unlike laxatives and stimulants, Go Easy will not leave you running for the bathroom, soften your stool, or promote diarrhea.  Instead, it will promote natural and regular bowel movement at the rate and frequency nature intended.  Because Go Easy takes a natural approach to regularity, there is no need to fear dependency or harm to your intestinal system that many laxatives and stimulants bolster.  Go Easy will simply aid in moving stool through the intestinal tract naturally and safely for total elimination, leaving you feeling refreshed.

The Causes & Effects of Irregularity

Constipation and irregularity is a pervasive problem that can be detrimental to your overall health. It entails irregular or infrequent bowel movements that lead to waste buildup and blockage within the intestine as well as inefficient use of cholesterol. And the problem is one that continually worsens. As waste buildup occurs within the intestine it prevents future waste from being fully-eliminated, thus leading to even more accumulated buildup. The effects constipation and irregularity can have span across the body. They are most often caused by the following:
Poor Overall Diet
Low Water Intake
Stress and Depression
Overuse of Laxatives and Stimulants
Lack of Exercise
Prescription Medications Like Narcotic Pain Medicines (i.e. OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin)
Disruption of Regular Diet or Routine (Such as Traveling, Illness, or Injury)

“Healthy Elimination: An Essential Function for Overall Health”

We all know that our diet is directly tied to our overall health, but few realize that regular and healthy waste elimination is also critical to our health and well-being. Diet and elimination go hand-in-hand, as they quite literally represent both ends of the digestive system (which happens to be about 24 feet long). We eat food to acquire nutrients to live and function and then through the elimination process, expel the wasted material which has been digested, processed, and utilized. The waste material is literally toxic and if not totally eliminated, can wreak havoc on our body. Below is a breakdown of the effects poor regularity and constipation can have on our bodies:

  • Malnourishment: The intestinal tract is responsible for capturing the nutrients from the food we eat. If buildup or blockage exists, the intestines cannot acquire these nutrients effectively, thus leading to malnourishment. In theory, a person that enjoys a healthy diet can still suffer from malnourishment due to a congested intestinal tract that cannot efficiently absorb and synthesize nutrients.
  • Toxicity in Bloodstream: As mentioned, waste material is toxic. If toxic substance builds up within the intestine, it leads to those toxins being reabsorbed back into your bloodstream. The intestine is an essential component of the digestive system because it is responsible for nutrient absorption. An intestine lined with toxic waste material blocks the vital and clean nutrients your body needs. This explains the “sluggish” symptoms often associated with constipation due to the presence of toxins in the bloodstream.
  • High Cholesterol Levels: Improper and poor elimination function leads to increased levels of cholesterol due to the known cholesterol re-uptake mechanism. Cholesterol is necessary for overall health, but at high levels has adverse consequences for heart health. Excess cholesterol is eliminated from the body via bowel movements, but if bowels movements are irregular and/or infrequent, the cholesterol is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream via the intestinal tract. This imbalance leads to high levels of cholesterol within the body.
  • Depression & Poor Mental Function: Anyone who has suffered from constipation knows it can be stressful, but many don’t realize it can also lead to depression and poor mental function. The brain, like any other vital organ, needs key nutrients to work properly and efficiently. When waste buildup and blockage occurs in the intestinal tract, it depletes the flow of nutrients to the brain, resulting in decreased mental function—known to cause depression.

“The Unknown Dangers of Laxatives, Stimulants, and Fiber Supplements”

Laxatives & Stimulants

Many people often turn to laxatives when suffering from poor regularity and constipation. Though they may provide fast relief, these products can easily lead to abuse and dependency. The frequent and prolonged use of laxatives and stimulants can lead to even more health issues. If used too often, laxatives and stimulants cause the body to acclimate its processes by relaxing the gut and bowel. This unnatural reaction can cause the body to become unable to hold the contents of waste. Over time, laxatives and stimulants become necessary to produce bowel movements. This of course, is not a natural process of elimination.

Stronger laxatives in the market work by stimulating the nerves in the colon. The stimulation causes the muscles of the intestines to contract and push-down the contents of the bowel. With habitual use, laxatives keep the colon empty and offset the nerve-signaling. Over time, the colon loses its ability to send a normal signal that produces a natural bowel movement. This induced reaction causes weakening of the muscles within the bowel and consequently results in dependency on laxatives or stimulants to produce a bowel movement.

Fiber Supplements

Another alternative many sufferers of irregularity and constipation turn to is fiber supplements. Fiber is essential to overall health, so a diet low in fiber can benefit from fiber supplementation. However, consumption of too much fiber to promote regularity can actually cause even more constipation deplete the body of essential minerals. If excess fiber is ingested it can create a blockage in the intestine, especially if water intake is low. In this case, the fiber alternative actually may worsen the problem of constipation. Additionally, studies have found that insoluble fiber binds to essential minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium and can deplete them from the body.

Everyday Regularity Support – A Natural Approach to Health Bowel Movements*

Go Easy is your once daily solution for promoting natural and healthy regularity that removes buildup, blockage, and prevents constipation.  This 100% safe and natural approach provides your intestinal tract the necessary lubrication for efficiently and effectively moving waste material through your system for regular elimination.  Using it correctly means taking it shortly before consuming food at the beginning of the day.

Leveraging the same mechanisms used by nature, Go Easy is a gentle daily solution that engages plant-based waxes and omega-3 oils to get you regular and keep you regular.  Go Easy has also shown to aid in improving key biomarkers of cardiovascular health.

Leverages Nature & Science for Optimal Regularity Support

Greens are widely known to promote regular and healthy bowel movements. The surface waxes contained in greens act as effective lubricants within the intestinal tract. Go Easy leverages this same natural mechanism while taking it a step further:
Plant-Based Wax Ball-Bearings

The waxes are micro-dispersed, which is a formulation process that forms the waxes into tiny spheres. This shape emulates the mechanical “ball-bearing” effect that is extremely efficient at moving food and waste through the system.
Does Not Melt at Body Temperature

The wax policosanols are specifically formulated to have a melting point higher than the temperature of the body, ensuring the wax “ball-bearings” stay fully intact for the entire journey through the gastrointestinal tract.
Waxes Are Not Absorbed by the Body

The plant-based waxes used are not absorbed or assimilated by the body and is calorie free. This ensures they travel the entire tract without being broken down. They are safely eliminated from the body together with the stool.

Ball-Bearing Lubrication

Go Easy leverages plant-based wax policosanols and plant-based oils to provide the gastrointestinal tract mild lubrication that moves food as well as waste through the intestine for healthy and regular elimination.  The “ball-bearing” effect of the micro-dispersed spheres and the specially-formulated high melting point of the policosanols prevent the “Olestra Effect” that is associated with diarrhea and oily stools.

Food and waste travel through the system as boluses (the contents of each meal) through the 24 feet long gastrointestinal tract.  The wax “ball-bearings” ensure that the boluses are moved through the system at the optimal rate without blockage or buildup being created.  It takes about 24 hours for a bolus to travel through the gastrointestinal tract; therefore, if you did not eat breakfast (just like Mommy used to tell you) it is reasonably unlikely to have a regular bowel movement the next morning.  Eat 3 meals a day for good regularity in conjunction with Go Easy.

Lower Cholesterol & Improve Heart Health

In clinical trials, Go Easy was found to lower cholesterol levels by approximately 15%.  Healthy and regular bowel movements will lower cholesterol by preventing the cholesterol re-uptake mechanism, which leads to the unnecessary reabsorption of cholesterol back into the system from the stool.

Our body will attempt during our first bowel movement of the day to rid itself of excess cholesterol via stool, but not having a consistent bowel movement results in that cholesterol being placed back into the body.  Over time, this imbalance will result in the accumulation of cholesterol in our bodies and detriment the health of our heart.  By lowering cholesterol levels, you are improving heart health.

A Safe and Natural Approach to Regularity—Not a Stimulant or Laxative

Go Easy will not shock your system into eliminating waste material that suddenly sends you running to the bathroom.  It provides a gentle and natural approach to regularity in a form nature intended while leveraging science to improve upon these same mechanisms.

A healthy person has very regular and consistent bowel movements.  Often these people can even tell you the times of the day bowel movement will occur!  Go Easy will aid in getting you to this point of regularity through safe and natural elimination and the prevention of future blockage or buildup.

Go Easy Ingredients & Formulation

Micro-Dispersed, Plant-Based Wax

These 100% natural plant-based wax microspheres are derived from sugar cane.  They are scientifically formulated to melt above body temperature, thus enabling them to travel the entire gastrointestinal tract without liquefaction.  These plant-based waxes are not only 100% safe to consume, but will also not interfere with vitamin absorption.

Plant-Based Omega 3 ALA

The Omega 3 ALA content within Go Easy is derived from chia and perilla seeds.  Both seeds are extracted using the solvent-free process of CO2 extraction in an Organic-Certified facility in the USA.

Supplement Facts & Serving Instructions

Serving Instructions: Starter dose (7-10 days) – 2 daily before your first meal of the day. Then take 1 per day before the first meal of the day.

Other Ingredients: Cranberry seed extract, Perilla and/or Chia seed extract, Sunflower phospholipids, Hypromellose, nonGMO mixed tocopherols, Spice extract, Zanthin® Astaxanthin Complex (Haematococcus Pluvialis algae extract)

Warning: Pregnant or nursing mothers should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement

Allergen: The product does not contain any major food allergens listed under 2003/89/EC or 21 U.S.C. 321 (qq).

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