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Receive Eye Pro MD for 100% Free by Joining Our Focus Group

Doctor Formulated – Full-Spectrum Eye Health Formulation

The botanical formulation preserves your vision, protects your eyes and halts vision loss. This doctor formulation eye health supplement Combines Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D3 & Omega 3 ALA for full spectrum eye health support.

  • $29.97 Value Plus Over $250 in Additional Free Products as Focus Group Member
  • Only 5 Minutes to Sign Up (Space is Extremely Limited – Act Now)
  • Requirements: Paypal Account + You Must Complete Questionnaire After Trying Product

What is the Be Whole Focus Group All About?

The Be Whole focus group is a select group of consumers who are chosen to help us improve how we serve our customers and their health. Members receive 100% full price rebates on products in exchange for completing surveys which provide us the key insight on consumer health needs and our products.

Your participation allows us to learn and better serve the world. In exchange, you can try free products and receive lifetime membership discounts.

Receive 100% Rebates on Specific Products

When you become a focus group member, you will receive 100% rebates on products you try. We cover the full cost of the products so you can complete the survey and tell us what you thought.

Receive Over $250 in Complete Free Products

Participate in our research based initiatives and have access to over $250 in free products plus have access to any new products for 100% free.

Unlock Rebates for All Be Whole’s Products

If you are an active member and complete product surveys you will be able to unlock new products and focus groups continually. Active members will have the opportunity to receive rebates on all our products when focus group surveys are completed.

Over $2500 in Lifetime Savings

Once you complete a Focus Group for a product you will receive lifetime coupons for the product for Amazon.com. Savings can be over $100 per month!

So Why Are We Doing This?

To Better Serve the Health Needs of Our Customers

Your participation allows us to understand better the health concerns and needs of everyday consumers which helps us to serve our customers better.

Increased Focus on Customer Education

Education is important to make the right health decisions. This focus group allows us to learn how to educate our customers on alternative health solutions better.

To Improve Products

Through voices like yours, we gain key insights which help us to improve our products and formulate new ones with your needs and concerns in mind.

How does it work?

Enroll in Program & Sign Up for Your First Product Focus Group

Complete the Focus Group enrollment process and then immediately sign up to join your first product Focus Group. You can get the first product shipped to your house today if you enroll now.

Buy Product & Confirm Purchase

Members buy the products and then provide us their Amazon Order Number to confirm you ordered the product.

Receive 100% Rebate on Purchase within 48 Hours

Once your purchase is confirmed by our team we will send you a 100% rebate for the purchase of the product via PayPal (PayPal Account is Required)

Complete Product Focus Group Survey

3 weeks after purchase we will send you an online survey to complete.

Unlock New Products & Lifetime Discounts

Once you’ve completed the survey, you will unlock new product Focus Groups to join – providing you more products to try. After a product Focus Group is complete you will also be given a lifetime discount on that product. These discounts are deeper than anything we offer to anyone – they are exclusive to Focus Group members.

Rules & Guidelines

  • 1 Focus Group Member Per Household
  • 1 Focus Group at a Time – The final survey must be completed for a product before any new focus group products are unlocked.
  • Completing Surveys/Questionnaires is Required
  • Members Must Be Invited to a Focus Group to Receive Rebate on a Product


  • All rebates will be issued via PayPal (PayPal Account is Required)
  • Focus group members must be 18 years of age or older (Required)
  • Amazon Prime Account is Recommended or cost of shipping is at members expense

Disclosure: We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group due to abuse or violations of the program.

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